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By investigating current mega-trends, Coco decided to revolve its business strategy around urbanization and globalization. People live more closely together then every before, especially in big cities. Living more closely together results in people living in small single room apartments, which are not flexible to live in. But we at Coco believe that living in a small single room apartment doesn’t have to be cumbersome as long as you have the right furniture.​

The idea of the Coco Tower Table is inspired from a visit at a friend’s home. He lives in a very small apartment. I went there to see what we could possibly design for our startup company. I noticed that my friend had three tables, two coffee tables and one dinner table which occupied a lot of space and limited his flexibility. Next to that my friend complained to also have issues when he wants to invite friends, he didn’t had enough chairs and could only invite one person.

Based on what I saw and discovered, I designed one transformable table for different situations. The Coco Tower Table can be used as a coffee table while watching TV, when having dinner the table can be transformed into a dinner table and when friends come over the table can be transformed into a standing table so no chairs are needed.

The convertible Coco Tower Table helps people who live in small single room apartments, by providing them with a multi-functional furniture solution, which allows them to make better use of their available space, by changing its setting according to different social scenarios.


The aesthetic appearance is inspired by a skyscraper and represents the environment of use. I designed the Coco Tower Table and its dimensions according to the industry standards.  ​

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