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During my internship at Smaac, I worked for Sportlife to design a premium. A premium is a product that will be given away to the customer when he buys a certain product, in this case a Sportlife gum pot. In collaboration with my colleagues at Smaac I developed these concepts for them.

Everything you see on these visuals is 3D-modeled in SolidWorks and rendered in Keyshot by me,  from the chewing gum, to the premiums, to the gum put itself. The only visuals I didn’t model and render were the last three pictures, these were modeled and rendered by my company coach Erik Veenstra.

Before I was asked to develop concepts for Sportlife, I first had to 3D-model the chewing gum and the Sportlife gum pot, so we could use them as presentation models for the presentation renderings in order to place the designed premiums more into context. I had to buy some Sportlife gum pots, was given a caliper and my first assignment was to model them as realistically as possible in SolidWorks, which was much more difficult than I expected. Every detail had to be perfect and I relearned to use my eyes to capture all the details.

When the presentation models were modeled, I was given a brainstorming budget that I could use in order to brainstorm with designers at Smaac. I learned to prepare and structure my brainstorm session better such that the time is spend as valuable as possible, because I could only brainstorm for a certain amount of hours.

After brainstorming and ideating, we developed these concepts. I designed all the concepts aesthetically except for the last three visuals. Sportlife’s brand book was given to me in order to get a better feel for the brand in order to design the aesthetics according to their brand identity. Under supervision I was allowed to make decisions on aesthetics and if they weren’t good enough, my colleagues weren’t afraid to tell me.

At the end I rendered these visuals for the concept presentation. The concepts were presented by the CEO Alex de Winter. Sportlife chose the Fish Eye lens concept. I was given the assignment to design the production file of the phone lens cap under supervision of my company coach, which I exported and sent to my colleague Jeremy Wong who regulated the mold making process in China (Shenzhen).

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