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When running a design business it is sometimes a good idea to create new products, ideas and concepts for existing businesses without them asking for it. This means that you sometimes have to create your own projects and approach new clients in order to attract their attention and explore new business opportunities.

During my internship at Smaac I identified new potential clients and discussed with my colleagues what we could possibly design for RedBand, Venco, The Jelly Bean Factory, Lonka and King. We came up with the idea to create custom designed retro bags for each brand specifically. This was a low risk high reward situation because designing one item five times for five different brand does not take much time and effort, and it also creates a reason for both parties to meet up. For each new potential client I designed a retro bag with brand related prints.

With the designs that I created the CEO of Smaac went to these brands to see if they were interested in purchasing these designs for a future marketing strategy. If these brands were not interested in buying these bags from us then Smaac still had the chance to introduce themselves to new clients and explain their design service offerings. I found this strategy very useful for building new customer relationships, and for raising awareness about your business which can potentially lead to future collaborations and projects.

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