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Nceno was part of a startup acceleration program in Taipei (Taiwan) called ‘Appworks’. Appworks is a startup accelerator that focuses on helping 15 blockchain and 15 AI (artificial intelligence) startups accelerate their business by guiding them and advising them with business knowledge and experience. We were one of the teams that participated in this accelerator program where we had access to office space, workshops, networking opportunities, mentors and advisers.

Nceno is a blockchain startup that focuses on creating a fitness application with the goal to make people more physically active. Nceno wants to do this by creating a competitive environment where people can challenge each other by competing in Nceno challenges.

Every user can make his or her own challenge which they can host on the platform. When competing or participating in a challenge, people will have to stake tokens on their own activity plan or activity plans created by others where they have to reach certain activity milestones. They will stake tokens in a smart contract (challenge on the blockchain) which gives them their staked tokens back when they reach their milestones. When a user completes all the milestones, he or she will be rewarded with additional Nceno tokens. The challenge participants that missed their milestones will pay out the participants who reached their milestones.   

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