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Communication at home can be difficult. No matter how a house is build or structured, it will always come with communicative implications while communicating between different rooms in order to gather inhabitants to spend time together, or to gather them for collective activities like for example dinner, or watching a movie.

At home people value comfort, calmness, cosiness and most importantly being together with the people that mean the world to them, their family.

Being together with people you love the most is an emotional experience. Maya and Umi want to encourage that by providing a one directional communication experience to make coming together as emotional as being together.

Maya and Umi limit the communication to a certain extend to prevent isolating experiences and in order to stimulate social experiences and face to face interactions.

To make this communication experience as personal as possible, voice messages of your siblings are used to keep the interaction as natural as possible. Maya and Umi are also calm and comfortable in use and allow freedom of interaction in a calm behavioral manner which calmness is also reflected upon its environment.

Maya helps you to spread your message in two different ways. She helps you spread messages towards different inhabitants who are located in different rooms. Maya can also record a voice message, and she waits calmly for the message to be accessed.

Receiving a message with Umi is calm and unobtrusive. The voice message is introduced by a light first and after 2,5 seconds the voice message will be played so the message is expected. She keeps breathing light until the receiver gives feedback. It also functions as an indication that you have been contacted. If the message is not heard and the receiver sees her breathing, it will trigger him or her to go talk to the person who tried to contact him to have a face to face conversation.

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