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During my internship at Smaac, I worked on a floor display for John Frieda’s newest product 'Luxurious volume' which would be placed in ‘Kruidvats’. John Frieda delivered a lot of artwork, but I had the freedom to select elements and style the floor display myself. The only constrain was that I had to use the red ‘ACTION’ as well as the yellow ’1+1’ labels because different stores have different requirements for designing a floor display. In case of the ‘Kruidvat’ these were the only requirements.

I designed three aesthetic models according to John Frieda’s brand image and used SolidWorks, Keyshot and Photoshop to create the presentation models which the CEO of Smaac presented towards John Frieda. The design that they chose is visualized below.

The floor display will be printed onto a foldable cardboard structure with assembly instructions for the staff members of ‘Kruidvat’, because the floor display will be send towards them in a flat state. This reduces transportation costs because less space is occupied when they are transported in a flat state instead of pre-assembled.

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