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During my internship at Smaac, I worked on a second placement display for John Frieda which would be placed inside ‘Kruidvats’. I studied the design brief and John Frieda’s brand book and designed this through an iterative design process based on feedback from John Frieda.

The aesthetics are inspired by the luxurious and powerful brand image of John Frieda. The brand is very modern and adapts to change quickly, they also associate themselves with New York, Paris and London as indication of premium quality.

The design of the display pulls viewers into it due to its inverting design along the edges, while also giving a smoother finish on the sides. LED-strips are integrated above all products to light them up which adds attraction and visibility as well as enforcing John Frieda’s brand image. The product navigation panel is created with John Frieda’s stunning colours which are eye catching. The design is the same as the layout of the second placement display itself for easy and precise navigation.

I used a combination of sketching, SolidWorks, Keyshot and illustrator to design this second placement display. The inside will be made out of wood to safe costs. Then black acrylic plastic parts will be placed over the wooden structure and bent in an 45 degree angles to give it the same look as in the renderings. I designed the parts as such that only two different types of parts need to be manufactured to assemble the second placement display in order to safe production costs, because we were working with a small budget. Next, the navigation sticker will be printed and will be stuck on a wooden plate that would perfectly fit inside the area where it needs to be placed. Lastly, The John Frieda branding on the top and bottom are also stickers which will be applied to the structure at the very end.

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