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Elderly easily become isolated because of technological development. It is hard for them to keep up with this technological revolution, but elderly are willing to learn new technologies for social purposes. With Het Leerpad, elderly can learn operating the Ipad in a playful and social way. 


Het Leerpad is designed in collaboration with ZuidZorg. Het Leerpad is designed with elderly users in mind and is currently in use at ZuidZorg. Testing the product with the projected users helped to improve the product over time, to deliver the preferred experience.


Elderly love to be socially connected. Therefore I designed Het Leerpad to be played in groups of two, to stimulate teamwork and learning from each other.


I implemented two types of cards, the do-cards and the history-cards. With the do-cards elderly can learn operating the IPad and the history-cards make the learning process more fun and stimulates social interaction.

Het Leerpad brings elderly and family more together through a social learning experience where elderly benefit the most.

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