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The goal of this project is to increase the business efficiency and the customer experience of medium to large size restaurants. The catering industry in general has low profit margins ( around 6%). This does not only mean that it is hard to make some profit, but it also indicates that they have to do more with less and still have to deliver a pleasant restaurant experience for their customers.


I designed ‘Garçon’ as a self-service tool for customers to help restaurants optimize their workflow to safe costs. "Garçon" will also be able to increase their sales because of an increase in the ordering speed by making it more convenient for the customers to order menu items. Garçon can be placed on the restaurant’s tables and enables a self-service experience without pushing users to use the self-service option. This is done by allowing them to opt for the self-service option by scanning the QR-code, opening the app, ordering and paying for their food. Or by allowing them to flip the device upside down to indicate that they need help. The help position is not only meant for asking waiters to take your order the old fashion way, but is also used when something is wrong or when the customer needs something from the staff. The intention of 'Garçon' is to bring the benefits of self-service technology towards the restaurant industry while also respecting the customer-waiter relationship. This means that this hybrid solution should be effective for all people, the people that want self-service and the ones that do not want self service like for example elderly people. 'Garçon' also enables customers to call the waiter more pleasantly by a light signal, instead of shouting or waving your arms above your head. This not only seems to be more pleasant for the waiters, but also for the customers, because now they can focus more on their own social experiences with their friends and/or family.

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