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my brother Roy Bleyen who studies ‘Trade Science’ at the University of Hasselt (Belgium) did a start-up project with friends to raise awareness about the decline of the bee population in Belgium. Bees are crucial for nature’s and human’s survival and many people are not aware of that.

My brother asked me to team up with him and his team to develop a marketing strategy to sell flower seeds which will help to increase the bee population. Using the four P’s method (Product, Place, Price, Promotion) we came up with the idea to direct our business strategy towards primary schools and sell flower seeds to them so schools could do a learning activity around bees and also plant seeds to help the bees simultaneously. Next I was asked to design the packaging. I designed the packaging to be kids friendly by creating a cartoonish aesthetical appearance using Illustrator. Schools were very enthusiastic about the idea and found the learning activity fun, playful and knowledgeable. We were happy we could help the bees a little bit by selling around 1500 packages to primary schools.

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