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I believe that great products and services are created through innovative business models and through innovative user experiences. I therefore developed myself as a user experience designer and innovation strategist who applies human-centred design approaches in various contexts to create value for people and businesses in the form of products, services, business & innovation strategies.

I believe that the balance between design and business is extremely important, because a product or service needs both in order to be successful. I therefore believe that design and business processes should be interconnected and seamlessly integrated within the product creation process. My experiences taught me that design as well as business is all about people, and if I don’t understand people I don’t understand business nor design. That is the reason why I highly value open-mindedness, because it allows me to see things from different angles and from the user perspective. This human-centred design approach enables me to create meaningful products and user experiences for people in need.

I use design not as a tool but as a business approach. Designing from a business perspective enables me to better position my design solutions against other products in the market. This helps me to differentiate my products such that they deliver an added value. I put a high emphasis on business and marketing a product, because I believe that if I am not able to reach the intended target audience with my design solutions I will never be able to help people and that is all I care about. Because I believe that we live our lives not to serve ourselves but to serve others.

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